RUDISA Agencies NV Importer & Distributor Suriname

Importer & Distributor in Suriname

Baby Products: Bebin Diapers,Pro-Life Baby Nutri Cereals, Dalin Baby Care products, Dalin Wipes, Robijn Softener & products etc

Other import products: Calve/Sky Peanut Butter, Mistolin detergent, Comfort Fabric Conditioner, Domestos bathroom/toilet cleaner, Vaseline skincare products, Suava Shampoo& Conditioner, Disinfectant spray, Breeze washing powder etc.

Contact -Rudisa Agencies NV Suriname

  • Adres: Abonestratt #66-#68, Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Email:
  • Tel: +597-551560
  • Openingshours: Maandag -Vrijdag 08.00u-16.00u
  • ————:Zaterdag 08.00u-13.00u
  • ————:Zondag gesloten

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Subisco International N.V.

Importer in Suriname

Import Products :

**Baby Supplies-Soft Love Diapers, Soft Love Wipes, Zwitsal baby care products

**Drinks– XL energy Drink, Alpro Nutrition Drink, Roos Vicee /Garden Juice, Douwe Egberts/BrasCafe Coffee, Breakfast Thee etc.

**Food products: Can Food, Whipping Creams, Coffee Creamer, Cheese etc

**Other import products : Detergent products&garbage bags, Personal care products ( Sanex/MelkMeisje shower gel, Odorex deodorant, Adfit adult Diaper ), Dogfood, Frozen Food( Doux Chicken, Compaxo meats, Frangosul Sausage , Wagner Pizza, Ecofrost fries etc) .

Subisco International N.V.- Soft Love Diapers / Soft Love Luiers
Soft Love Diapers

Contact Subisco International N.V.

  • Adres: Neeltje Van Ravenswaaystraat #12 , Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Tel : +597-425843
  • Whatsapp: +597-8531358
  • Email:
  • Openingstijden: Maandag-Vrijdag 07.30u-16.00u
  • ————: Zaterdag 07.30u-13.00u
  • ————: Zondag gesloten

Direction: Subisco International N.V. on Google map

  • Zwitsal Baby Care Products/Baby verzorging producten
  • Soft Love Baby Wipes
  • Soft Love Diapers/Luiers
  • Garbage Bags/Huisvuilzakken

Nutrisur N.V. Baby Foods and Diapers Wholesale in Suriname

Importer in Suriname

Import Products : Nutrilon Formula, Diaper Brand Magic, Infant Cereal Brand Phosphantine & Bambix, White Sugar, Soya Olie

Nutrisur N.V.  Baby Foods and Diapers Wholesale in Suriname - babyvoeding Nutrilon formula
Nutrilon Formula

Contact Nutrisur N.V.

  • Adres: Poseidonstraat #84, Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Tel : +597-453973/ +597-452329
  • Email:
  • Openingstijden: Maandag-Vrijdag 08.00u-16.30u
  • ————: Zaterdag & Zondag gesloten