My easy home groceries shopping with Amazone Retail Suriname

Have you ever tried buying your groceries online in Suriname?? Well I did it often on website Amazone Retail Suriname. Webshop Amazone Retail Suriname is pretty convenient, and the service is on top.

Online groceries shopping spares time, energy, and money.

Yep It is super easy and fast with just a few clicks.

-1) Go to Amazone Retail website. This is how the webshop of Amazone Retail looks like :

My easy home groceries shopping with Amazone Retail Suriname
Amazone Retail’s webshop

-2) Put your items into cart.

easy home groceries shopping -adding items in you amazone retail carts
Adding

-3) Log in to complete your order. Or Register an account if this is your first order.

Amazone Retail Register account/Log in account
Amazone Retail Register account/Log in account

-4) Fill in your informations. Choose the date and time you want your order to deliver. Free shipping if total order amount is more than srd850 (this is variable).

Amazone Retail's filling information
Amazone Retail’s filling information
Amazone Retail's order delivery date
Amazone Retail’s order delivery date

-5) Choose payment methods and process the payment. There are many options of payments.

My Amazone Retail's order
My Amazone Retail’s order
Webshop Amazone Retail's payment options
Webshop Amazone Retail’s payment options

-6) Place your order. You will receive a confirmation mail .

Amazone Retail order confirmation
Amazone Retail order confirmation

-7) Receive you order (& pay your order if you choose to pay with cash/ giftcard/pos). On the day of delivering, you will receive a whatsapp message from Amazone Retail about your order with a tracking link.

Amazone Retail truck for Delivery Service
Amazone Retail Delivery Service

This is my easy home groceries shopping with Amazone Retail Suriname

Webshop Amazone Retail has most of the essential household items and foods with limited brands. For specific brands of foods/items/fresh foods, I will buy my groceries at physical store.

Buying groceries online spares :

Time- Online buying groceries is very convenient for people who are busy or unavailable to go out.

Energy-And for me, the main reason why I like home groceries shopping is…….I do not have to lift heavy things up (to my car) and down (from my car) !….like 24×1.5L bottle of water, or Big gallon of detergent about 4kg, Washing powder 3.8kg, 6 packs of milk about 6kg…….etc … etc…pretty heavy for me. Within my order, I will also order some essential daily foods or snacks like bread, ice-cream, bread spread etc etc…

Money-About the prices….are those products from Amazone Retail cheaper than physical supermarkets?? Most of the products are cheaper than the physical supermarkets. Besides, enjoy the free shipping if you order is more than certain amount of payment(this is variable).

Try it out and get addicted of buying groceries online!! It’s really fun!!