Awesome visit at Palmentuin & Waka Pasi in Suriname

The PalmTree garden in Suriname

***A beautiful public place to make photoshoots & to chill with your family***

********A place recommended to the tourists of Suriname**********

First time visiting Palmentuin & Waka Pasi, we have spent about 1 hour in total for walking around and playing in the playground. Waka Pasi is like a food court with restaurants and bars. Visitors can find and enjoy surinamese foods at the location. Also, there are shops that sell Surinamese souvenir, jewelry & cultural wear.

Waka Pasi “Food court”

*Direction to Palmtree Garden (Palmentuin)*

Address: Grote Combeweg #13a

Bergendal THE BEST PLACE to visit Suriname

A Surinamese cultural resort with nature sceneries

Bergendal - De Kerkklok

Bergendal THE BEST PLACE to visit Suriname
Bergendal – De Kerkklok

Why is Bergendal THE BEST PLACE to visit Suriname ?

I think this is the only place I periodically visit in Suriname. The main reasons that I fall in love with Bergendal are probably because of the activities and the meals .

~First about the activities, Bergendal has a list of activities that are really fun. These activities include : Canopy zip line, Kayaking, Bicycling, Jungle Walking Tour in the morning, Boat Tour at night, Mini Cinema, Restaurant & Bar , Swimming facility, Playground facility and a music band with cultural songs and dances during/after a meal .

~Second about the meals, the price includes 3 meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals are actually like buffet, eat all you can . Basically I am just like packing my bag and ging to a vacation & I don’t have to break my head about what foods to prepare.

Bergendal Guidance Map - Lodges, Facilities, Restaurants, Receptions etc.
Bergendal Guidance Map – Lodges, Facilities, Restaurants, Receptions etc.

Rooms are pretty clean. I would rate 9.5 for the cleanliness.

Surinamese Cultural Songs

The Bergendal package also includes pick-up and drop-off transport service. Visitors gathering at Hotel Krasnapolsky will be picking up by a bus going to the destination Bergendal and the next day they will be dropping off again from Bergendal back to the gathering location. Well , in the past few experiences, we always went to Bergendal with our own transport so we could control our arriving & leaving time. Most importantly , we could stop at Brokopondo to enjoy the nature sceneries + taking photos.

I love Brokopondo
I love Brokopondo

Where and how to make your reservations? I went to Hotel Krasnapolsky for reservations and payments.

~~Important : Bergendal is temporarily closed until further notice~~

Contact -Hotel Krasnapolsky

  • Address: Domineestraat #39 , Paramaribo , Suriname
  • Tel:+597- 475050 Ext.8000 /+597-0325233/ +597-0325237
  • Mobile: +597- 8770935/ +597- 8770958
  • Email:

~~Announcement will be making whenever Bergendal is ready to reopen.~~

*Direction: Bergendal at Brokopondo *

In conclusion, Bergendal is the best place to go and check-in in Suriname. I am looking forward to visit here again.