Clevia Park

Zwemlocatie in Suriname

**Swimming facility (Natural swimming pond) + Restaurant + Kids club …..all in Clevia park !!! Enjoy the nature sceneries in Clevia Park **

Clevia Park- Beautiful natural scenery
Clevia Park- Beautiful natural scenery

Contact Clevia Park

  • Adres: Kasoedjieweg #186, Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Tel: +597-556550
  • Whatsapp: +597-8582995
  • Email:
  • Openingstijden (Swimming Facility): Maandag- Zondag 10.00u-20.00u
  • Openingstijden(Restaurant): ~~~Bellen voor meer info~~~~

*Direction: Clevia Park on Google Map*

Bao Bun & Veggie Fesh Spring Roll -Clevia park valentine menu 2022
Bao Bun & Veggie Fresh Spring Roll

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