Easy online shopping on website of America from Suriname

First time online shopping by yourself??

Easy online shopping !!! Have these two things ready 1)Credit Card 2) An address

1) Credit Card – Apply a credit card from any bank in Suriname (DSB Bank, Hakrinbank, Southern Commercial Bank, Republic Bank etc).

~~”Credit card” in Suriname is actually a debit card but it functions the same like credit card which allows purchasing online, booking hotel online ,withdrawing cash, paying fees at any foreign country that accepts master/visa card etc.The only difference is that a foreign credit card allows you to withdraw cash in advance or to spend a limited amount of fund from a line of credit which you have to pay back later with interest ; and a debit card is spending the money from your saving or checking account, in which it means that you can spend how much you want as long as you have the money in your account unless you set a limit.

~~ In other words, if you want to apply a credit card in Suriname , you should have an USD checking/saving account first. OR, there is another way you can do it faster which is applying a Unionpay card at Southern Commercial Banks. For me, I think Unionpay card is pretty smart and easy to apply. If you are interested about Unionpay card Suriname. Please visit their website.

2) Get an address from a freight forwarder . Here are some freight forwarding companies that I know / am familiar with : Rapid , CRS Import , Jalex, Roopcom …. (there are actually a lot more … )

~~~ You can either Go the freight forwarding company personally for the registration(getting an address/More informations+Guide) OR Register online.

~~~ For Example : Rapid Import Export N.V. Click Here to Register online . You will receive confirmation mail for the registration of being their customer. Afterwards, you will receive an address with instructions.

Finally ,after purchasing online, you just have to wait for your order. As long as the parcel arrives Suriname, the freight forwarder will notice their customers to pick up their parcels/packages. All you need to do is paying the shipping fee from US to Suriname to the freight forwarder. Some of the freight forwarding companies provides delivery services upon certain charges. It depends on you if you want your parcels to be delivering to home or pick up by yourself.

Or maybe you could be one of the agents also? Doing online business by taking orders from customers/friends/ colleagues/Relatives/Social media . Easy online shopping and enjoy the freedom by placing an order anytime at everywhere with no delays!

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