How to apply a Taiwan tourist visa from Suriname

Step by Step guidance & details on how to apply a Taiwan tourist visa with a Suriname passport

First of all , there is no Taiwan Embassy in Suriname. However, Surinamese citizens with a Suriname passport require a Taiwan tourist visa for traveling or visiting Taiwan. So….How to apply a Taiwan tourist visa from Suriname?

How to apply a Taiwan tourist visa from Suriname ?
**This Is how I apply my Taiwan tourist visa**

  • The first thing, I will always do whenever I am planning to go on a trip is TO ASK, TO SEARCH & TO CONTACT . —-To ask the travel agency for the basic info about visa and flight ticket . —-To search online and double check about the visa at the country embassy which I am planning to visit.—To contact the Embassy for the procedure and visa application requirements. In this case, since there is no Taiwan Embassy in Suriname, I have to call the embassy (Normally I would just go to the embassy personally for the latest update of application requirements). The following picture is the last Taiwan visitor visa I got.

Example of a Taiwan tourist visa :

How to apply a Taiwan tourist visa from Suriname
-Taiwan visitor visa EXAMPLE
Taiwan visitor visas 2020
Entry Taiwan with a Suriname passport -How to apply a Taiwan tourist visa from Suriname
Entering Taiwan with a Suriname passport

The visa is issued at Kingstown. This is the name & address of the embassy :

The Embassy of Republic of China (Taiwan)
Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Address: Murray’s Road, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, West Indies

P/s: Please check the “mail address” where your documents should be mailed.

Application documents I need to prepare for mailing

  • 1) A valid passport for at least 6 months
  • 2) Fill in the electronic visa application form online. Go to the website & and then print them out after you completely fill the form. You will get two sheets of papers in total . If you did it correctly, behind your sheets or forms you will see a printed confirmation code.

  • 3)Two recent passport photos 2X2 . If you print out your filled form , you will see the size of photo .—–*I have sent 2 big photos according to the form, and 2 normal small photos ( Just in case )

  • 4) Travel Itinerary. You can get it a from a travel agency.

  • 5) Supporting documents for the Reasons /the purpose of visit . Select your purpose of traveling while filling in the form and you need to send the supporting documents. —–*In my case, for my tourism’s purpose of travel , I have made my trip schedule and printed it out with a A4 paper about the hotel/AirBnB where I will stay & Visit locations where I go during the trip.

  • 6) Visa fee: USD 50 for single entry+ USD6 processing fee for each bank draft to ” Embassy of the Republic of China ( Taiwan ) ” —— P/S: There is no bank draft in Suriname bank. I went to 4 local banks in Suriname to inform about bank draft 3 years ago. It might have some changes in 2023, so you can call and ask about the latest info about bank draft anytime. ————*In my case, I paid the visa fee via wire transfer at DSB in Suriname. I did not wait for my DSB payment confirmation receipt since it would take a few days for getting it from the bank. I did send the The Embassy of Republic of China (Taiwan) my payment receipt via email afterwards . Of course , you can do visa payment at any bank or even internet banking by yourself. Either ways, ask for the bank Info of Taiwan Embassy in ST Vincent by calling or sending the embassy an email .

    ——–REALLY IMPORTANT– YOU HAVE TO PAY EVERY BANK FEE ( FEES for BANK OF SURINAME, TRANSIT BANK, AND BANK OF ST VINCENT). Please make sure that you transfer the correct & sufficient amount of money for the visa fee including all the cost of the bank)—- Please ask for help in the bank with filling the form if it is your first time of doing it.

  • 7)Other relevant documents : Proof of 4 yrs Stay in Suriname documents : It could be an expired old passport , or a car license which is already 4 or 5 yrs old, or any document with Suriname government stamp or birth certificate (together with a translated English version) which can prove that you have stayed in Suriname more than 4 yrs.

  • 8)Last step!! Mail !!!! Mail all the documents to the embassy via Fedex or DHL- MUST Including a self-addressed postage prepaid airway bill(paying for the returning of your package) —-Mail address: Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), PO Box 878, Murray’s Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

If you are curious about how long the procedure will take, here I have some extra informations according to my experience.

About mailing time (Fedex), it took about 3 till 4 working days for my documents arriving at Kingstown. Since I have mailed EVERY DOCUMENTS for my Taiwan visitor visa’s application , they approved my visa in 2 working days. After that, they returned my passport at the 3rd day of arrival. Again, it took approximately 4 till 6 days for returning my passport. The whole process took about 2 weeks in my case. Super fast heh???Honestly, I really like their service though, whenever I call for info or send an email for any question, they are always friendly & helpful .

Click here for all contact informations and website of The Embassy of Republic of China (Taiwan) Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Click here for the website of The Embassy of Republic of China (Taiwan) Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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