How to apply for SZF BaZo Insurance of Suriname

SZF BaZo Verzekering aanvraagprocedure 2023 voor Surinamers

How to apply for SZF BaZo Insurance of Suriname****This is how I apply & get my SZF BaZo Insurance****

  • Print out the form and fill in OR Fill in the form digitally & print it out
    1)Print the form Click Here *OR*
    2)Fill in the form digitally Click Here

  • Documents: Gather your supporting documents according to the form.
    — In my case, I submitted 1) Employer statement 2) Copy of ID card 3) Copy of Family Book 4)Original Swm water bill receipt ( not older than 3 months) 5)Original EBS Electricity bill receipt (not older than 3 months) 6)CBB population register(CBB Uitreksel )

  • Submission:
    1) Scan & Mail all your documents and form to : *OR*
    2) Put all your documents and form into an envelope and drop it at any of the SoZaVo Departments/Offices

Following listed SoZaVo Departments :

1)Gemenelandsweg 31-33

2)Bzv Pontbuiten

3) Indira Gandhiweg no. 227

4)Bzv Lelydorp Indira Gandhiweg – DA wijkkantoor

5) Bzv Saramacca – DC gebouw

6)Bzv Coronie, Guusje Oststraat no. 19

7)Bzv Nickerie, G.G. Maynardstraat – MAS gebouw

The next day after sending my mail, I received a confirmation mail about receiving my application. In the mail it said that I would receive a message after 3 weeks , or else I could contact them with the number +597-422708.

About 3 till 4 working days , they approved my application by sending me a Whatsapp message with the number +597-8821343 & I need to send my ID card for futher handling. Yep, that is it. I received my digital SZF BaZo insurance card via whatsapp and the insurance is valid for 2 years. And lastly, all I need to do is to get a doctor registration form at any SZF offices and hand the form to my doctor.

Digitale SZF Bazo verzekering kaart 2023-Example of digital SZF Bazo Insurance card
Example of digital SZF Bazo Insurance card

P/S: In the approval message of my insurance card application, they also give me the option to get a duplication of my digital SZF insurance card (Not necessary , but optional) . You can get the duplication of your insurance card at any SZF offices. For my curiosity about how the duplication card looks like , I have paid a srd30 to get a physical SZF BaZo Insurance card (the only payment).

Physical SZF BaZo Insurance card
Example of Physical SZF BaZo Insurance card

That’s it. Hopefully this will help you. Good Luck and have a nice day~~

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